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Dixie Chicks "Goodbye Earl" 1999
1999 - Griffith Park, Los Angeles, CA - To showcase character "Earl" Dennis Franz was missing -onsite custom props on demand design & print - frank c pusateri
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Red Bull Corporate Event Decorator
2005 - Rochester, NY - Red Bull brought me in to custom design & decorate for one of their Indy Car Unveiling events
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Food Photography
Decades of capturing and showcasing food as it actually would be made and presented everyday. Customers often amazed that it "looked as good as the pictures"
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Talking Phone Book 3D Animated TV Commercial 2001
2001 Buffalo, NY - The Talking Phone Book 3D Animated TV Commercial - Alias Power Modeler/Maya, Photoshop -designer/modeler/animator frank c pusateri



born in snowy Buffalo, NY Feb 18, 1974

grew up surrounded by a recording studio, video games, playing sax, basic programming, boy scouting and working as a dishwasher in a fine dining restaurant at 16 opened up a very diverse and creative mindset that is a part of everything I do today.


I grew up in the 70's/80's/90's as the digital kid

Creatively, creating, creative things in sight and sound. Playing with code, culinary and rocking on stage with my sax 4-5 shows a week by the early 90's   

Being on stage and touring around opened up a realization of how to start to use the powerful tools digital 


let me know 

I very much appreciate working with a team. though the bulk of the work

Please direct all inquiries through my email here<.

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